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I can't believe the story made front page news today! Over twenty years old and the murder mystery is still making headlines.

It seems the murders have had chilling effects, that's what I would call it. I mean when you have the unlimited resources of the US government and the mafia, you begin to have a little fear for your life! When people get shot, drop dead, and their entire families get killed, you have a chilling effect. In this cold case, we have surreal deaths of people. No one wants to be found dead just for digging up the truth. . .yet people will not give up. Even police officers feel their lives are at risk looking into this case. But even with that, people close to the case, family members won't give up. I would hope I could be fearless in similiar circumstances. It's easy to say that ohh I am brave, but late at night when that dark vehicle is outside watching you, most peoples bravery slides away as we rationalize our fear.

Eventually more of the truth will be told, or will it?
Kudos for KESQ and the brave reporters for continuing the story!


NLY ON 3: Chilling E-Mail Details 'Dangerous' Triple Murder Case

Posted: Aug 20, 2008 03:39 PM PDT

By Nathan Baca
News Channel 3

The Riverside County Sheriff's department is looking into possible connections between a triple murder in 1981 and murder-suicide in 2005 that claimed six lives.

A chilling email written by a detective shows just how dangerous this case was.

When this detective writes he "can't look his wife in the eyes" and risk his family's lives, you know it's a big case.
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