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University of California Riverside

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cabazon murders and conspiracy Aug. 21st, 2008 @ 09:29 am
I can't believe the story made front page news today! Over twenty years old and the murder mystery is still making headlines.

It seems the murders have had chilling effects, that's what I would call it. I mean when you have the unlimited resources of the US government and the mafia, you begin to have a little fear for your life! When people get shot, drop dead, and their entire families get killed, you have a chilling effect. In this cold case, we have surreal deaths of people. No one wants to be found dead just for digging up the truth. . .yet people will not give up. Even police officers feel their lives are at risk looking into this case. But even with that, people close to the case, family members won't give up. I would hope I could be fearless in similiar circumstances. It's easy to say that ohh I am brave, but late at night when that dark vehicle is outside watching you, most peoples bravery slides away as we rationalize our fear.

Eventually more of the truth will be told, or will it?
Kudos for KESQ and the brave reporters for continuing the story!


NLY ON 3: Chilling E-Mail Details 'Dangerous' Triple Murder Case

Posted: Aug 20, 2008 03:39 PM PDT

By Nathan Baca
News Channel 3

The Riverside County Sheriff's department is looking into possible connections between a triple murder in 1981 and murder-suicide in 2005 that claimed six lives.

A chilling email written by a detective shows just how dangerous this case was.

When this detective writes he "can't look his wife in the eyes" and risk his family's lives, you know it's a big case.

Aug. 10th, 2008 @ 07:10 pm
Does your paper have "distraction stories" constantly on the front page? Distraction stories have been around forever, it's just that now we get so much distraction information that it is really numbing to your mind. So it's not really a new trend, it is the same old process of printing crap. . . filling your mind with things that don't matter, so that the propaganda they put out seems less like propaganda.

My definition of a distraction story is this:
1. It doesn't relate at all to local news.
2. It somehow relates to a major newsworthy event, but the actual story is about something that you really don't give a shit about. Example, the Press Enterprise had a front page article about the parents of a 2004 olympic athlete. The parents, one of them had been stabbed. Guess what? I don't give a flying rats ass. For one, who cares about the 2004 olympics, and two, who cares about the parents of this athlete? You find yourself saying, "why did this make front page?"
3. The news event is filler, and it's almost always from the Associated Press. Not that the AP is bad, it's just that instead of getting articles from the people that live nearby, they give us crap stories from around the world.

So if your paper has these things, it probably sucks ass like the Press Enterprise in Riverside California.

And one other thing that pissed me off about them. I went to the Press Enterprise new building, a 4 million dollar glass tower, and they would REFUSE to let me talk to a reporter. Just a guard there to give me dumb looks. He wouldn't even CALL a reporter to let me talk to him over the phone. And then I gave the guard a story, to give to a reporter. Guess what, I never got a call back. That is just CRAP customer service.

That's why I get my news on the internet. I use the Press Enterprise for coupons only, and to get a good laugh now and then.

killer bees Aug. 4th, 2008 @ 10:00 pm
On my bicycle ride today I was attacked by two killer bees. I was riding in Calimesa, I had stopped to lift my bike down the trail, and then they came. Two small bees swarmed at me, and did NOT give up until they had stung me. I have never had a bee attack me like that. . .at first I wasn't too concerned because they where small bees, I didn't even think it was a bee, until it was digging into my hair, and it was not afraid of anything.

I read that over 50% of the bees in southern california and inland empire are killer bees. Wow. . watch out for them. It only took two of them to freak me out. They truly are suicidal, they will not go away no matter how much you whack at them. I ran like 400 feet away from where I first ran into them, looking like a spasoid whacko on speed. I was waving my arms to get the freaking thing off me.

And they are smaller so they are hard to whack, they just land on your head and start looking for a place to sting. Fucking egg. . .I left a message with vector control, just to let them know. But since they are everywhere, not sure they are surprised. Maybe they keep statistics on how bad they are in different locations.

Difference between a killer bee and regular bee is pretty small.

Jul. 30th, 2008 @ 02:30 pm
Top 10 Schools with the Least Happy Students

Check out #6!


RIP Lindon Barrett Jul. 30th, 2008 @ 12:06 am
We've lost a dear friend and professor in Lindon Barrett.

Those of us that have been lucky to have had him as a professor at UCI, UCR and elsewhere will sincerely miss him.

We will mostly miss his shocking statements, brisk intelligence, irrefutable academic truth, and his witty ways in class.

Date of Birth October 10, 1961
Date of Passing: July 7, 2008

He was a really good teacher and had the potential for change in the university. I created a community to remember him that will keep updates on the development of his death.


The community has little to no info at this time, but I will be fixing up the community soon.

Softball? Jul. 16th, 2008 @ 12:31 am
So, I'm down here for all of the month of July for a program at UCX. I was wondering if anyone knows of any co-ed slow pitch softball leagues around that may be in need of a girl to come play for this month. My school schedule is kind of weird, but I'm willing to see if there's anything I can make, even if it's just a game or two. I play at home (Santa Cruz) but obviously can't commute to games.. Or if anyone knows who it is that plays over at the field(s) on Canyon Crest and Blaine, even for fun, I'd like to get in on that!

Thanks a lot!

Anyone looking for a roommate? Jun. 29th, 2008 @ 06:53 pm
Hey all,

I'm a transfer student who'll be going to UCR in the fall. Is anyone around here looking for a roommate? Since I'm jumping into things rather late into the game I'd rather not get a studio apartment by myself if I can help it.

I've been looking at craigslist but it's kinda difficult to find a place since I won't have a car and I don't really have a clue what is and what isn't within walking distance of the main campus.

Any help/advice/musings would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

P.S. I'm also super not picky about roommates; I've had all sorts thus far and as long as I've got my own room I'm a happy camper.

College Students looooove FREE Food Jun. 21st, 2008 @ 02:36 pm

Stop by your local Jack in The Box on THURSDAY JUNE 26th and you'll receive TWO FREE TACOS. All you have to do is bring in a valid gas receipt. Filling up will definitely leave you with better taste in your mouth.

Save the receipts. I know I'm doing a day long Taco fest at home. Woooooooo

Find out more at the official site.

Let all your friends know. FREE TACOS!!!!!
Make a day of it.

easy classes Jun. 18th, 2008 @ 06:00 pm
hi, i'm looking for easy classes. i'm hoping to grad. by winter, i just need a two more qtr of units, so i just wanna take easy classes. what are some easy classes (or w/ what prof) that you recommend that you've taken? or, i'm a business major, so what are some ez business classes/professors? i've taken for bus, all the 100-108, so any upper divs that's ez or has ez prof? thanks so much!

Apartment: Take two Jun. 1st, 2008 @ 03:43 pm
Basically, I am looking for anyone interested in taking over my lease until it is up next June. I am hoping to move at any point possible (due to my career). I live in building A, second floor at GrandMarc across from the UV and the rent is $674/mo and comes with the big bathroom in the unit. Willing to rent it out as early as July and as late as Fall.

If you are interested, let me know! ascho003@student.ucr.edu
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