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University of California Riverside student experiences
This journal was created for those LJers who attend, have attended, will attend, or will potentially attend UCR. Share stories, post campus information, entertain eachother with links, and generally be yourselves. Enjoy! :P

Three simple rules that I ask you to follow:
1. Please lj-cut any images posted (exceptions are small images that actually have to do with UCR, if the pictures are large and/or for fun then they should be cut). This is to allow users to skip over images if they do not want to see them.
2. No porn. There are plenty of other communities for that, so take it there.
3. No promoting rating communities.

The consequences for breaking these rules are:
1. If you do not lj-cut for some reason, you will receive a warning and after 24 hours the post will be deleted if it has not been cut.
2. Possible ban from the community on the first offense, the post will be deleted. On the second offense (if there should be one) you will definitely be banned.
3. Instant ban. This has been the longest standing rule and I have no tolerance for spam of this sort.

Much thanks to midgetpower for the community icon and color scheme.

Inspired by UCI's informative info and thanks to a suggestion by evileva here are some other UC campus livejournal communities: ucberkeley, ucdavis, uci, ucla, ucsd, ucsb, and ucsc.


Note: The owner of this community does not frequent LJ anymore. If you would like to contact Zyanthia for any reason, please email her at Zyanthia@sbcglobal.net.